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Eisbahn Flensburg auf der Exe

​Ice rink on the Exe

​10.11.23 - 14.01.24 in Flensburg

​The ice rink on the Exe in Flensburg is a popular attraction for young and old, open every year from November to February. On Schleswig-Holstein's largest ice rink, with an area of 1,400 m², visitors can skate, curling or simply enjoy the wintry atmosphere.

The ice rink is connected to a catering area, which provides for the physical well-being. The ice rink on the Exe in Flensburg is a great experience for the whole family that should not be missed.

From Sunday to Friday you can organise curling tournaments. On Saturday, as always, there's the skating disco, where the dance floor stays cool despite the hot dance music!

​Hot & Cold

​You can really let off steam on the ice rink or carefully practise your first steps on skates.
Before, after or in the middle of the ice rink, you can enjoy mulled wine, children's punch or a drink.

Our snack bar with chips, bratwurst and currywurst will fortify you for the next round.

So you can relax and enjoy the breaks and toast with friends or family.

Of course, we also serve coffee or warm tea to keep you warm inside and out.

Prices & Times

​Ice skating 2 h
to 3 years frei
​until 12 years 5 €
​from 13 years 7 €
10 Card
​until 12 years 40 €
over 13 years 60 €
​Skates size 24-49 4 €
​Piguin walking aid, plus deposit 4 €
​Curling 1,5 h
​per person (min. 6, max 8)
Rules will be explained on site
10 €
​School classes with advance reservation
​per pupil
3 €
per Skates 2 €
​​Ice disco on Saturday
​per person 5 €
​Ice skating Mon - Fri 13 - 20 h
​Ice skating Sat - Sun 10 - 20 h
​Ice disco on Saturday 20 - 22:30 h
​Holiday & Vacation 10 - 20 h
​Christmas Eve 10 - 15 h
​New Year's Eve 10 - 19 h
​School classes & clubs 08 - 13 h
except Saturday
17 - 22 h


​If you have any questions or comments, call us on the hotline or send us an email.

 ​0160 32 93 011  kontakt@eisbahn-flensburg

​Address to the ice rink:
Katharinenstraße, 24937 Flensburg

​Our ice rink on the Exe